What About the Men?

As you surely know, not all men are violent creatures. And we need as many men as we can get standing publicly against this type of behavior. You can join the movement against violence against women by speaking out on your platforms, volunteering your time, or donating funds to non-profits like ours that make an impact on the community.

No, I meant what about the male victims of domestic and sexual violence?

There are a number of males who are affected personally by situations of domestic and sexual violence, many survivors standing in solidarity with their female counterparts. While our hearts do go out to male survivors, we are very much a “stay in your lane” type of organization. We believe that if everyone chose a particular segment of the population to benefit, the world could be a healed place. As such, our targeted segment is very specifically female. This is who we feel is best be served by our efforts.
If you feel called to set up a similar organization to lend a helping hand to the male survivors, or if you’d like to start a non-profit at all in Charleston, we suggest checking out CharlestonGOOD and speaking with Todd Chas.

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